Easy but little money

Since I hadn’t driven my car for over a year having been out of country and travelling soon again for an extended period, I decided to donate my 2002 Honda Accord Se Special. The car was parked all that time, the body was in great shape, but the car┬áneeded some maintenance. The experience was new to me. The online process was easy, then I got a nice followup call, very reassuring. A few days later I was told that the pickup was for later that day (to my surprise, I was informed it would be after the weekend). No problem, he would reschedule if I wanted, but I needed it moved, it was in a parking lot not at my location. After a few weeks I got an email with the amount of my vehicle/donation. The amount was disappointing for sure, I don’t think I’ll do this again, but the “Donate a Car” process was easy.

Note from Donate a Car Canada (Oct 10, 2014): We are relieved to know that you were well supported on the DAC side of things, but certainly appreciate that the outcome at auction was not in keeping with expectations, yours or ours, for the kind of donation hoped for on behalf of the CLF. Our cooperating auction houses work hard to ensure a strong outcome on behalf of donors’ chosen charities; we are deeply sorry that the outcome on your Honda’s sale day was so very disappointing.

Thank you for taking time to provide respectful criticism, Sir. We take it seriously and we are looking carefully at any ways that we can adjust our process to ensure that your frustration is not shared by future donors.

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