Ford Escorts Final Ride

Recently my Ford Escort which had given me yeoman service for 20 years died a dignified and graceful death due to frame erosion. Penner’s
Auto Service who have faithfully serviced this car
for a long while suggested that I donate it to a

I found the ‘Donate a Car” site on line and
it was so easy and efficient to follow through. The day
following this, I was contacted by Mountain
Towing and Parts arranging to come at my
convenience to take the Escort away. Though
I was a tad nostalgic to see it take its final
ride, I was so impresssed with how tenderly
the tow operator treated it.

The entire experience left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that even to the very end this car was providing yet another wonderful
service. My choice of Cancer Care Manitoba
was made becaause many members of my family have
been helped through this service. I reccommend
this to one and all.

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