What do I do with my license plates?

A: The license plates belong to the registered owner of the vehicle. If plates are left on the vehicle at the time of donation, the agent will store or destroy them. Recyclers typically crush, shred, or mar the plate to ensure that it cannot be used by a non-registered owner.

In some provinces a small rebate is available when license plates are returned to the provincial registries. If you wish to keep your plates, simply remove them at the time of pick up, or request that our tow support agents do that for you. They will be happy to help!

Please note: vehicles left un-plated on city streets will likely be impounded by your city parking authority. Although this rarely occurs, if your vehicle is left un-plated on the street prior to our towing agents arriving, the city may impound the vehicle. Donate a Car Canada cannot be held responsible for those impound fees.

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