Donate Your Car Canada – Professional

I recently experienced a great customer “centered” business, “Donate your car Canada”.
I filled in the form online took 4 minutes.
The next day I received a phone call from “DYCC” . I spoke with the agent to discuss the process for the next call from the local tow company. Very professional agent, very helpful and said the process will be very simple when the tow truck operator arrives on my driveway.
The next morning I received a phone call from the tow truck operator , confirmed the pick-up time for the following morning. The young tow truck driver arrived greeted me and introduced himself and the company that operated the salvage yard.
He hooked up the car and placed it own his flatbed and was done in less than 10 minutes!
He said thank you and was gone! Professional well spoken and he very courteous in his mannerisms!
Wonderful experience and I would recommend this Donate A Car Canada to friends and family!

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