I am very disappointed and surprised of how little I received for my donation of my car. I will definitely informed anyone not to donate but sell their car for junk instead. This was a joke, I think it is missing a zero at the end of my donation. $65?

Note from Donate a Car (Nov 10, 2015): Mr. Holland, we do appreciate that $65.00 feels like a low return on a beloved vehicle. You will have noted in our emails that we do run the risk of seeing a low return, even on re-sale, in the current market. Our agent in your area works hard for our donors and their charities of choice to ensure that he is carefully assessing vehicle value: where needed, he recycles; where possible, he re-sells. Any high mileage (over 200,000 kms), needed repairs, or rust will strongly impact saleability in your part of Canada as buyers are reluctant to invest in any vehicle older than 10 years and with those added concerns.

We share in your upset over the low dollar return, and we are eagerly awaiting an upturn in the metal market as, like you, we want to see the highest dollars possible sent on to our receiving charities. We thank you for your part in ensuring that they received a gift, as every dollar counts in this uniquely depressed industry!

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