Charity Car and Donate a Car Canada: Know the Difference

Charity CarCharity Car is a business working in cooperation with Standard Auto Wreckers. Their recycle-only  process ensures that donated vehicles are dismantled in an eco-friendly manner, with net proceeds being  distributed to your chosen charity.  Service is advertised across the country.  Gifting your vehicle to charity is no small choice! You’re considering the market condition in your area, how much time you have to spend on selling the vehicle, whether or not the vehicle should go up for sale, or if it’s ready to come off the road. If your research into vehicle donation has you wondering about the differences between Canada’s vehicle donation programs and the various options available, check out our blog, “The Nuts and Bolts of Vehicle Donation” (January 8, 2015). Continue reading "Charity Car and Donate a Car Canada: Know the Difference" →