Car Removal Made Easy!

If you need prompt and free car removal service, consider donating your vehicle! More than just clearing a spot on the drive-way, you’ll be providing needed donation dollars to the community, country, or global cause that matters most to you.

Car Removal is Easy and Hassle-Free

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Your Dependable Choice in Car Removal

Our customer service is Guaranteed to make you feel great when you donate your car. A simple car removal by Donate a Car Canada means room in the garage and a gift to charity. Our attentive donor support staff will take care of all the car removal details from towing to re-sale. We’ll then send your gift off to your chosen charity, and you’ll receive a tax receipt. This is car disposal that means no more grease stains in the driveway and donation dollars put to work!

  • Millions of dollars in donations successfully processed since 2003.
  • Excellent customer service for donors and charities.
  • A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Tax receipt guaranteed with every donation.

What donors have to say

My husband passed away a few years ago, and as well as a hole in my heart, this left me with his old 1991 Honda Accord. This car had reached the end of its life, and I had been trying for months to find someone to come and take it away. No luck with anywhere I tried, since I live in the country and no one was willing to drive this far to get it. I did contact two scrap dealers who promised they would be out within 48 hours to pick it up. That was several months ago, and yet here it sat.

One of the charities I called then told me about Donate a Car. I called and had the most lovely chat with a young lady, who assured me they could pick it up, and gave me a choice of hundreds of charities I could donate the money to. The next morning, the car was gone! I would recommend that anyone who needs an old car removed, don’t waste your time, just call Donate a Car, and all will be solved. The problem was solved immediately. Thanks so much. Sandy Moser

What charities have to say

Calgary Humane Society’s experience with Donate a Car has been wonderful. The donation process seems very straightforward for those contemplating donating their vehicle, we receive consistent, clear reporting from Donate a Car so we can then follow up with donors and ensure we can thank and steward them for their support. We have found the Donate a Car experience for Calgary Humane Society to be very beneficial and straightforward and one that has helped CHS fulfill its mission to help as many animals as we can through ongoing financial support from caring individuals who choose to donate via Donate a Car. Calgary Humane Society

Make a Difference – Donate Your Car!

When Donate a Car Canada arranges for your car removal, you can be assured that your donated vehicle is going to impact the cause you care most about. You choose any charity in Canada to receive your gift, and we will ensure their process is simple, too. With no need for them to manage the car disposal, and with no costs to them, they can put your entire gift to work making a difference.

Donate my car