I was quite disappointed with the amount that was paid for our truck. Only $50. We were under the impression that this donation would be more worth our time. We believe the truck and it’s parts are worth a lot more than that and now in hindsight, can see that it would have been more beneficial for us to break it down ourselves and sell or donate elsewhere.

Note from Donate a Car: How we share in your disappointment! While the market has been at a 35 year low through the past 2 years (with metal prices having just dropped again in recent weeks), we are hoping for a shift upward soon. Your $50.00, while it feels like a low return for a beloved truck, is of particular value to our receiving charities as the overall economy in Canada has hit them hard. Thank you for taking time to provide your concerned feedback – we are working hard to ensure that the highest dollars possible get to the charities you love!

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