I am really not impressed with the amount donated to my charity of choice due to the fact that 5 years ago, I also donated my previous truck, (which I drove to the donation location), and the charity got $150.
This time around, I donated another, again, driveable truck, (in better shape than 5 years earlier), and all my charity of choice gets is $25.??? There was $50. worth of fresh gas in the tank!!!

This will be my last donation using “Donate a car, Canada”.
I feel the agency is not doing a fair deal for the charities. I’m VERY disappointed.

Note from Donate a Car: Mr. Korte, we fully join you in that disappointment. Your experience with our program, both recently and 5 years ago, is an excellent reflection on what has been happening in the metal market. Five years ago our recyclers and re-sellers were enjoying a much stronger market. In fact, we were able to offer much higher donation returns for many years, even on vehicles that were ready to be crushed. Sadly, there are some parts of Canada, today, where recyclers require that customers pay to leave their vehicles behind as there is simply no actual dollar value to the vehicles.

Sir, it is our privilege to have worked with you on two separate donations. Thank you for that generosity, and for your understanding as to how factors beyond our control are impacting our charities at the moment.

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