The service was good and fast.
The donation of 75 dollars that was made to the charity was very small for a car in working condition and in good shape. It made me suspicions.
I went looking it the other testimonies and almost all of them were happy. They write about 1000 dollars and more donations which would had make the value of some of these people cars 15000 or more. I do not believe these testimonies. Further more I google some of the names. They don’t seem to live in Toronto or Canada. I think this may be a case of running a charity for profit. It made me sad. I will try to make people and authorities aware of them.

Note from Donate a Car: Thank you for offering your concerned feedback, Arta.

Our happy testimonials are fully authentic, and come directly from our satisfied donors. As you can see here, we also post uncertain and unhappy feedback. If you like, we can certainly connect you with some of our receiving charities as they can verify the monthly and yearly benefits to their programs? For us to post false accolades would be dishonest and self-serving, and is certainly not something we do. While the depressed market condition has our donation outcomes sadly reduced, we continue to serve donors with exceptional donor care, making every effort to see the highest returns possible for our receiving charities!

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