Pick and Pull | Your recycle and re-sale-ready vehicle

Pick and pull is just one available option for your older vehicle. If you are considering vehicle donation, we can help with some direction.

For your recycle-ready vehicle, our free pick-up and processing will serve you promptly and simply. An older vehicle that has some zoom left in it may have re-sale value.

Sometimes pick and pull won’t do…

We take vehicles in all shapes, sizes, and conditions on behalf of our 800+ receiving charities. Donors often donate a vehicle thinking that, because it’s not running, it may be ready for scrap. We evaluate each donation form, assessing all kinds of factors to ensure we assign the car to the best available process in the donor’s area. Consider these gift outcomes on vehicles that donors offered for donation this spring:

  • Ford Taurus, donation of $10, 755.00 for World Serve Ministries
  • Toyota Camry, donation of $3082.00 for Prostate Cancer Canada
  • Mercedes Benz, donation of $3573.00 for Covenant House Vancouver

…and sometimes pick and pull is the best way to go

We get a little giddy when we see outcomes like those! But we’re equally committed to the hundreds of vehicle donors who have recycle-ready vehicles that need to come off the road, or cars that may have smaller re-sale values given the right buyer. We have many agents who provide what we call a recycle/re-sale service.

Our recycle/re-sale agents capably assess each vehicle that rolls through their yard. If they determine the vehicle won’t find a strong-bid buyer, they’ll advise that it should be recycled. We receive a flat-rate price on these kinds of cars and trucks.

If, on the other hand, they know their buyer base will be interested in the vehicle, potentially offering higher returns than what they’ll see at the pick and pull lot, they’ll put the unit up for as-is sale to the highest bidder. When this happens, we receive the net proceeds from the sale and pass them along to your charity of choice.

Interested in learning more? Ready to donate? Give us a call at 1-877-250-4904, or give us a click…

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