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Kidney Car

It’s no secret I love month end because of the cheques we send to our 180+ registered charities*, as we’ve been directed by our donors. Like the Kidney Car program, Donate a Car puts dollars to work for the cause you love, and in October we were able to send off an astounding $111,000 to support various Charities of Choice!! One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Donate A Car is our ability to touch lives and organizations across the nation, simply by providing a service that helps people get much needed funds to their favourite charities. 

One of our donors mentioned his excitement that Don Cherry donated his vehicle to the Kidney Car Program. It’s a clear example of choosing an organization that is close to his heart. Mr. Cherry’s son has been affected by kidney disease, so it’s a perfect fit for him to have given back in this unique way.

Each of us can probably name at least one charity that has impacted us or someone we love. I know I can list 6 charities off the top of my head that have directly impacted my little family. Every time they cross my mind I’m filled with gratitude for the various parts they played in our lives at a very difficult time. I’m also grateful to every person who has ever given of their time, energy or money to those causes.

This is where the fun part for us comes in.

Because Donate A Car facilitates the donation of your vehicle to the charity of your choice, you can experience the gratification of knowing your generosity has made a difference, and you get to do it in a way that solves a few matters. As with Kidney Car, it doesn’t drain your bank account, your car either gets repurposed or recycled, and you’re issued a receipt that benefits your tax return at the end of the year!

The truth of the matter is sometimes giving can be a ‘feel good’ exercise for us, but so it should be! It’s a win/win situation for all involved, so why not? If you or someone you know has a vehicle that is sitting unused, let’s put it to good use – and good work – by channelling the funds raised from the sale of that car or truck to causes near and dear to our hearts. From Kidney Car to community development, filling hungry tummies to caring for abandoned animals, supporting the elderly to pursuing social justice: your cause matters.

Don Cherry saw the value in it by gifting Kidney Car. What’s your charity of choice?

*Editors note: as of 2015, this number has climbed to over 500 receiving organizations!

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