Great Canadian Giving Challenge

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Canada Helps. Your charity of choice. How are these things connected? And what does it all have to do with donating your car? Find out here…

Canada Helps…helps!

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a CanadaHelps extravaganza!

Here’s what they have to say,

Donate to any charity in Canada this June and automatically give them a chance to WIN $20,000 during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

As charities continue to support our most vulnerable community members affected by COVID-19, food banks, mental health crisis lines, homeless shelters, and other frontline charities need urgent support. Plus, the cancelation of in-person fundraising events and activities are putting some charities such as art galleries, festivals, and others at risk of permanently closing their doors. Now more than ever, your favourite charity needs your support.”

It’s easy to contribute to your charity’s $20,000.00 chance! Simply visit CanadaHelps, choose your charity, and donate! They will automatically be entered into the contest.

Your charity and giving your way

Many of Donate a Car Canada’s receiving charities are listed at CanadaHelps. The Great Canadian Giving Challenge will directly impact them when you give through the CanadaHelps website.

If you do not have ready cash to give in these wobbly times, CH offers fundraising guidance.

Another means of giving, here, is to donate your unused/unwanted vehicle. Your vehicle donation would be something separate from the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Unfortunately, we do not have a means of processing your car, truck, or two-wheeled donation for the challenge.

But it can make such a difference! We will re-sell or recycle your donated vehicle. Your charity of choice will receive the net proceeds from that process. There is no cost to your charity, and no cost to you. Even the tow is free!

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