Kars for Kids and Donate a Car Canada – Your Gift

Kars for Kids (Kars 4 Kids) is operated by Oorah Charitable Organization  (all gifts are designated to American faith-based charities under this umbrella). Services are available in Ontario, and in the U.S. kars for kidswhere all vehicles are sold, or used, as donated. Kars for Kids will issue tax receipts in the amount of fair market value, or the full final sale price of the vehicle. Are there other Canada-based options? There are! Continue reading "Kars for Kids and Donate a Car Canada – Your Gift" →

The Nuts and Bolts of Canadian Vehicle Donation


Vehicle Donation

You’re invested in making the best choice for your vehicle donation and you may have questions: Will the tow be free? Can I choose which charity to gift with my donation? What will my donation be? Continue reading "The Nuts and Bolts of Canadian Vehicle Donation" →

Kars4Kids | Your Canadian Car Donation

kars4kidsKars for Kids (Kars 4 Kids), a faith-based vehicle donation program operating out of the US under the umbrella of the Oorah Charitable Organization, serves Canadian vehicle donors in Ontario and in the States.  All donated cars are sold, or used, as donated. Kars4Kids issues tax receipts for fair market value, or the sale price of the donated car.  Continue reading "Kars4Kids | Your Canadian Car Donation" →