Donating Cars for Kids | Starting the School Year Strong

Donating cars for kids to help with funding country-wide efforts is what we're all about! Did you know that September is childhood cancer awareness month?  Cars for KidsThat children’s organizations are gearing up to provide phone support, school breakfasts, and pro-inclusion programs across the country as a new school year kicks off? Or that you can dive into all sorts of regional efforts and benefit your area children’s hospital's fundraising drives this Fall?   Continue reading "Donating Cars for Kids | Starting the School Year Strong" →

Kars4Kids | Your Canadian Car Donation

kars4kidsKars for Kids (Kars 4 Kids), a faith-based vehicle donation program operating out of the US under the umbrella of the Oorah Charitable Organization, serves Canadian vehicle donors in Ontario and in the States.  All donated cars are sold, or used, as donated. Kars4Kids issues tax receipts for fair market value, or the sale price of the donated car.  Continue reading "Kars4Kids | Your Canadian Car Donation" →